Immunotherapies & Innovations for Infectious Diseases Congress 2023

November 22-23 2023 Lyon, France


WORKSHOP n°1 : PASREL-Imagerie


Translational in vivo imaging for anti-infectious diseases treatment and diagnosis follow up

PASREL-Imagerie, a consortium of research centers, provides state-of-the-art translational in vivo imaging expertise and platforms to derisk medical innovations by bringing together:

  • Preclinical and clinical imaging: PET, MRI, Ultrasound, bi-photon microscopy, Multimodal Imaging, radiopharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Multidisciplinary centers investigating numerous therapeutic areas such as infectious diseases,
  • A rich research environment with complementary platforms.

From proof of concept in animals to development in patients, partners have the opportunity to characterize pathophysiology of diseases, efficacy of drug candidates, imaging biomarkers, compound biodistribution, and first tests before human clinical trials.

During the workshop, we will introduce the IDMIT centre and its expertise in preclinical trials of anti-infectious therapies (vaccination, antimicrobial treatments and immunotherapies). This enables to assess molecule efficacy, as well as innovative routes of administration such as mesh nebulization which is highly effective for delivering fragile molecules to the lungs like monoclonal antibodies. We will describe the high potential of PET imaging as a tool to characterize lesions post-infection, to calculate dose delivery into the lungs by therapeutic aerosol deposits to be traced or to follow the distribution of pathogens targeted by antibodies. Specific examples of compound characterization using macaque infectious model of COVID-19 will be discussed for diagnosis and therapeutical purposes.


  • Ali Aït-Ikhlef: Business Development Manager
  • Benoît Delache: R &D engineer in animal experimentation
  • Julien Lemaitre: Clinical veterinarian and Immunologist